Vapaa-026 Pro 350W Electric Scooter
  • Air ProVapaa-026 Pro 350W Electric Scooter
  • Air ProVapaa-026 Pro 350W Electric Scooter

Vapaa-026 Pro 350W Electric Scooter

Model:Vapaa-026 Pro

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Product Description

Vapaa-026 Pro electric scooter, with its excellent appearance design, meticulous production details, clever folding concept and intelligent operating experience, is deeply loved by customers.

Three speed modes: switch as you like.
Energy-saving mode (ECO), standard mode (D), sports mode (S), you only need to tap the switch button twice to complete the switch. Let you easily cope with different riding environments.

The power and speed display are clear at a glance.
The remaining power is displayed in real time, reminding you to charge in time; during riding, the speed value jumps and changes, and the riding speed is displayed in real time, reminding you to ride safely.

Long-distance endurance of 25 kilometers. Accompany you to farther places.
High-performance 18650 power lithium battery, high-rate high-power power supply, speed-up, high-efficiency and direct, up to 25 kilometers long-distance endurance.

Double brake system.
The disc brake disc is 120mm, the front wheel is an E-ABS anti-lock brake system, and the rear wheel is a ventilated disc brake system, which can achieve efficient braking and rapid response, safe and worry-free riding.

Safety tail warning light.
When the brake lever is pressed, the rear warning light flashes continuously to warn the vehicles coming from behind, whether it is day or night, just to protect your safety.

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