The difference between bicycle and electric scooter


With the development of the times, the pace of people's life is getting faster and faster, and the traffic in the city is getting more and more congested. It is very important to choose an appropriate mode of travel. A simple and portable means of transportation is the best. selected. Everyone knows what is the difference between electric scooters and bicycles? What are their advantages?


Advantages of electric scooters:


1. Lightweight, portable and strong. The electric scooter uses light and strong carbon fiber as the main frame of the car body. You can lift it up effortlessly, and it is easier to put it in the trunk of the car or carry it on the subway. Compared with bulky electric vehicles, it is much more convenient.


2. Glide easily, pull and push.Long battery life. It can play longer, go further, and have more than a little fun.


3. Ubiquitous. Unobstructed electric scooters are adaptable to strong roads. They can do whatever they want and just go as they please. It's so capricious. Uphill and downhill, like walking on a flat ground, the fun of starting is not only a yearning for a flat road, but also a challenge for a rugged road.


4. small body, powerful electric scooter is strong, practical and stable, derived from high-performance configuration, low noise and maintenance-free.


5. do whatever you want, and enjoy the Extraordinary Xiaomi electric scooter, which can be collected at any time and wherever you go. Even without any power assistance, you can glide easily.

 electric scooters

Electric scooters have their advantages. Bicycles also have their own advantages. When you see the advantages of electric scooters, do you think that bicycles sometimes bring you a lot of inconvenience? If the bicycle is 35-60 kilometers, it is hot In summer, we are already sweating, and we need a lot of oxygen to exercise. There is no shortage of electric scooters on bicycles, but there are very few bicycles that electric scooters can do.


Electric scooters are another new product form of skateboarding after traditional skateboarding. Electric scooters are very energy-saving, fast charging and long range capability. The whole vehicle has beautiful appearance, convenient operation and safer driving. It is definitely a very suitable choice for friends who like the convenience of life, adding a little more fun to life.