Which is more practical, electric single wheel balance car or electric scooter


The product positioning of electric scooter and electric unicycle balance vehicle is different. Electric scooters are more oriented to urban transportation, while electric unicycle balance vehicles are more inclined to toys.

In terms of safety, the electric unicycle needs to be careful and used for a long time on the road. They also consume a lot of energy and don't have enough comfort. If the power is exhausted in use, how to move it becomes very troublesome. Users have to use traditional handcuffs. Although electric unicycles are small in size, they usually weigh more than 5kg, which is not easy. As a result, most buyers of electric unicycles now view the electric balance car as a toy rather than a short journey tool. It's very cool in shape and very playable. It is very suitable for street brushing

The use of electric scooter is more abundant. It's a short journey tool. Safer, more comfortable, longer mileage and easier operation. Although electric scooters are usually heavy, they do not have electricity during travel. The electric scooter can also be moved by sliding or pushing to reduce the user's burden.

Suitable for urban transportation tools need high safety, stable and reliable driving force, easy operation and portability of the basic elements, while meeting the comfort and fashion design. From this point of view, a more stable, safer and more comfortable electric scooter will be more suitable.