How to choose electric scooter


High portability and low maintenance cost also make electric vehicle become the first choice for more and more people. When you get to your destination, you can easily fold them up and carry them easily. How to choose this electric scooter.

Performance related


If this is the first time you've bought this kind of electric vehicle, and you haven't ridden an electric car before, uncle Che suggests that you should be on the safe side and buy a car with a speed below 20 km / h. Because in the city road, the traffic flow is big, the pedestrian is many, you also cannot drive very fast, on the contrary, too fast will have the danger.

The choice of vehicle speed also has something to do with what road you take. Although most of the roads in the city are asphalt roads, it is not ruled out that sometimes you will pass through potholes and potholes. If you go too fast, you may fall down. Although according to Che Shu's understanding, some electric vehicles can even reach the speed of 60 km / h, he still suggests that the speed of about 20 km / h is enough for daily use.


The motor power of the electric vehicle has a minimum output of 250W and a maximum output of 6720w. But the power of most electric vehicles is between 500W and 2000W, and the internal motor is usually one or two. If you go to work every day to go through more uphill sections, or the road section you pass is small in traffic flow and pedestrian flow, or you often stick to the company. When you are about to be late, you need to have a fast sprint. At these times, uncle Che suggests you choose a high-power motor, which will help you on your way to work.


This has to be combined with your commute distance to consider, if the distance is really far, then no doubt to buy a battery large electric vehicle. But if your commute distance is very close, then you can buy a suitable capacity. The battery capacity is large, and the body weight will increase, so don't get upset. Similarly, if you use your electric car every day, a battery device that supports fast charging is very important.



In fact, few people will consider the problem of wheels when buying electric vehicles, but the wheels are actually very important. They are on the uneven road surface, they will have a certain buffer effect. There are now two types of wheels: pneumatic and solid

The former is configured on high-end electric vehicles, just like those on cars: the air inside provides a cushion to ease bumps. Pneumatic tires perform better on slippery roads. But they do need more maintenance because they are easy to puncture. On the contrary, solid tires are more solid, but the cushioning effect is poor, and any uneven ground will be fed back to your riding experience.


After choosing the tires, it's time to focus on the suspension. If you choose an electric vehicle with pneumatic tires, then choosing to install the suspension will produce a perfect match, especially when the road conditions are not good, which will give you the most perfect experience.

Size and weight

The size of the car is just like choosing shoes. It's not good to be too big or too small. It's best to fit it. If you are a small girl, riding a big electric car will not be easy to control the body; if you are a strong boy, riding a small electric car will not be able to master the balance. The second is the weight problem. If your bike is too heavy, it is a physical work to take it home to recharge. The most common electric scooter weighs more than 11kg, but the better electric vehicle may weigh about 18kg.

safety problem

There are thousands of driving, safety first. Uncle Che reminds everyone that you must wear a helmet when riding. If necessary, you can bring knee and elbow pads. In an emergency, they may have saved your life.