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About Us

Polymer is a subsidiary of Lang Sheng capital controlled and an innovative service platform adhering to "Make Creativity Realizable".
Relying on the three businesses of "plastic material technology", "overseas ODM" and "Internet e-commerce" to provide global users with innovative products and technical services across the industry chain.



Custom plastic: green&special referred to as GS

Brand language: green plastic technology serving global users

Products: customized multi-performance comprehensive plastics, customized color services, plastic technical support services


Sports Technology: Vapaa

Brand language: sports embrace freedom

Products: electric sports scooters, sports accessories, sports wear, underwater technology products


3C accessories: Ringfinger

Brand language: Encounter with the ring finger

Products: Consumer wearables, computer peripherals


Electronic cigarette: Lasika

Brand language: Lazy moments

Products: disposable electronic cigarettes, refillable electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes that generate heat without burning


Corporate culture concept:

Deep thinking, unconstrained, go to work


corporate vision:

Adhering to the innovative and practical concept of "Let Creativity Landing", we provide users with creative products and value services and let creativity and technology speak out through products.