Polymer is a subsidiary of Lang Sheng capital controlled and an innovative service platform adhering to "Make Creativity Realizable".We are one of the suppliers of Electric Scooter, Adult Electric Scooter, Folding Electric Scooter in China.Relying on the three businesses of "plastic material technology", "overseas ODM" and "Internet e-commerce" to provide global users with innovative products and technical services across the industry chain.

  • How to choose electric scooter

    High portability and low maintenance cost also make electric vehicle become the first choice for more and more people. When you get to your destination, you can easily fold them up and carry them easily. How to choose this electric scooter.

  • Power of electric scooter

    Electric skateboard is a vehicle based on traditional human skateboard and electric power package. At present, the electric skateboard is generally divided into two wheel drive or single wheel drive.

  • Which is more practical, electric single wheel balance car or electric scooter

    The product positioning of electric scooter and electric unicycle balance vehicle is different. Electric scooters are more oriented to urban transportation, while electric unicycle balance vehicles are more inclined to toys.

  • Will electric scooters be the future of everyday commuting?

    Electric scooter is a new product after the traditional skateboard. Most of them are driven by lithium battery, which is very energy-saving, fast charging and long range capacity. The whole vehicle has beautiful appearance, reinforced aluminum alloy bracket and base, fashionable and compact appearan...


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