LAISKA is a hip, edgy consumer electronics brand launched by professional design team. Its founding members are from many famous enterprises both at home and abroad. Our products have won many top awards, such as iF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Awards.

LAISKA is devoted to design, R&D, production and sale vapes, with strong research and development team, complete production lines, advanced atomization technology and excellent product design, we have developed a wide range of electronic cigarettes.

  • Principle of electronic cigarette

    Electronic cigarette is mainly composed of four parts: tobacco (including nicotine, essence, solvent, propylene glycol, etc.), heating system, power supply and filter tip.

  • Electronic cigarette can help quit smoking

    A new study from Queen Mary University in London shows that for those who have been unable to quit smoking for a long time, e-cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking better than traditional drug-assisted methods and nicotine replacement therapy. The paper was recently published in addiction, a top ...


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